Cygwin doesn't show .. in all directories

David O'Shea
Mon Sep 8 02:28:00 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I didn't see a response to this query.  Can someone at least confirm
that this appears to be a valid bug (just mount some directories and
take a look I guess!)?  Once that happens I can look at how to fix it.
I had a quick look at the code a month ago and thought it would
probably be hard to fix but I guess a challenge would be good :)


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Subject: Cygwin doesn't show .. in all directories

> Hi all,
> Apologies if this is old news, but I couldn't find mention of it in
> the FAQ or mailing list archives.
> I have my F: mounted at /backup under Cygwin.  When I 'ls -al
> there is no '.' or '..' entry in /backup, I guess because they are
> there physically and hence not reported by Windows (FAT filesystems
> never have a '.' or '..' in the root directory as far as I know).
> Linux, every directory, including the root directory '/', has a '.'
> and '..' entry, so I guess for consistency they ought to be there.
> This is an issue for me because in MToolsFM, which allows you to
> graphically browse your directories (plus browse directories via
> 'mtools'), you go up a directory by double-clicking on a '..' entry
> the list of directory contents.  I imagine that if MToolsFM was
> to show a '..' entry even if it didn't see one in the filesystem,
> things would work, since 'cd ..' works fine when I am in the /backup
> directory (I guess Cygwin doesn't actually look for the directory
> entry '..', it just goes up a directory).
> Of course I don't know if it might be the case that applications
> shouldn't assume that all *nix-ish platforms have a directory entry
> pointing to the parent directory.  Either way, please let me know!
> Thanks in advance,
> David

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