rxvt - copy/paste fails when stderr redirected under cygwin-1.5.3

Andrew McRae andrew.mcrae@telegraph.co.uk
Fri Sep 5 10:56:00 GMT 2003

This would be a low-priority bug, I'm sure, but it seems weird enough to 

I'm running rxvt-2.7.10-3 (with no X server). Normally, selecting text 
copies the text to the Windows clipboard, and middle-clicking pastes 
from the Windows clipboard.

Since upgrading to the new cygwin-1.5.3, rxvt fails to communicate with 
the Windows clipboard when it is launched with standard error redirected 
(whether to a file, to /dev/null, or to "nul" under Windows).

That is, if I launch rxvt like this:
     bash$ rxvt 2>/dev/null
     bash$ rxvt 2>rxvt.out
     C:\> rxvt 2>nul
     C:\> rxvt 2>rxvt.out
then text selected in rxvt cannot be pasted into Windows applications, 
and middle-clicking in rxvt pastes the last rxvt selection, not the 
current contents of the Windows clipboard. Copying/pasting within an 
rxvt instance or between rxvt instances still works normally.

Redirecting other file descriptors appears to have no effect; it's only 
stderr that shows this problem. Running rxvt with various X servers 
still works as it always has (that is, copying/pasting to Windows works 
if and only if the X server supports it).

I noticed this because I usually launch rxvt with its 
stdin/stdout/stderr redirected, via shortcuts on the taskbar, and when I 
upgraded Cygwin, my new rxvt instances all started showing this problem.

Output of "cygcheck -r -s -v" is attached.


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