Cygwin 1.5.3 issues

Charles Wilson
Fri Sep 5 03:09:00 GMT 2003

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> Yes, they are.  You must have lost these files a while ago, but until
> recently "cygcheck -c" did not check for package integrity.  I was about
> to suggest reinstalling one or both of the packages, but then looked at
> the package listings, and there is indeed a conflict -- *different* files
> with the same name (usr/share/locale/locale.alias) appear in both
> packages: gettext and texinfo.  In fact, it also appears in the [prev]
> version of tar (FWIW).  Maintainers of texinfo and gettext should take
> note.  Reinstalling still might help, though.

As gettext is the GNU internationalization/localization package, I would 
assume that locale.alias is "owned" by gettext -- so texinfo shouldn't 
be installing its copy...


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