Strange setup problem. Next button disabled.

Max Bowsher
Thu Sep 4 16:55:00 GMT 2003

Steve Fairbairn wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a couple of strange setup problems which I cannot find ways around,
> so was wondering if anyone might be able to suggest solutions.
> The machine in question is a PIII 650MHz running a very new installation
> Win2K Pro.
> During the machines installation, cygwin was installed from a local
> drive) directory as the network Administrator user.  It was incorrectly
> installed to the same network drive and subdirectory of the setup files,
> using the default setup settings.
> This installation was wiped from the network drive in question.  Any
> of Cygnus was wiped from the registry.  A clean installation of cygwin was
> started.
> When installing as a machine administrator, but normal network user.  From
> local directory (the same network drive), setup does all the md5 checks,
> offers me the package list, allows me to change the
> Default/Install/Reinstall/... settings, but the 'Next' button is
> disabled and I just can't click on it.

Strange - very strange, even.

Please try the latest (2.415) snapshot - I don't expect it to help, but just
in case.
If you can still reproduce the problem... well, I suppose I could add some
debug MessageBoxes.

Please follow up to cygwin-apps@, since this is clearly a setup.exe issue.


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