setup crashes after checking md5 for gcc...

Max Bowsher
Thu Sep 4 16:38:00 GMT 2003

Stumpe, Robert wrote:
> it`s my first time using cygwin;
> at first i found an older installer (v2.249.2.5) and some packages on a
> drive
> in our lan; so i tried it with the old one installer and it works...
> after using cygwin i recognized, that a compiler is missing and
> so i downloaded hardly the whole packages and store it on this drive for
> software
> in our lan. then i try to install cygwin local ... the older
> installer(setup.exe)
> crashes with a msg: runtime error ... abnormal programm termination
> so i downloaded the new installer (v2.340.2.5) from
> and first it looks better ... untill it checks for md5Sum of gcc 3.2-3
> after that setup finishes(crashes) without an msg
> anybody wants to help me...?

Yes - we always like to fix anything that causes setup to crash.

As I type this, I am compiling a debuggable version of setup. I will then
upload it to
(look for the version with "debug" in its name)

You will also need to download the drmingw JIT debugger. It is part of the
mingw-utils bundle here:

Extract drmingw.exe from the tarball above, put it whereever you want to run
it from, and run "drmingw -i" to have it register itself in the registry.

Now run the debuggable version of setup. When it crashes, choose to debug,
and drmingw will pop up with some information. Email that information to, and I will try and use it to locate the bug.


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