apparent conflict between mutt-1.4-1 and libiconv-1.9.1-3

David A. Case
Thu Sep 4 01:21:00 GMT 2003

It looks like a recent update to libiconv generates a conflict with
mutt (version 1.4-1).

Here is at least one symptom: if you reply to a message that contains
international characters, mutt aborts with the following message:

assertion "errno == E2BIG || (BUGGY_ICONV && (errno == EILSEQ || errno ==
ENOENT))" failed: file "../mutt-1.4-1/sendlib.c", line 743

Line 743 in sendlib.c is checking the return status of an iconv() call,
although I don't know exactly what it is doing.  Reverting to an earlier
version (1.8-3) of libiconv solves this problem, but reverting causes lots
of other problems for me: e.g. "ls" can't find the symbols it in

I recompiled mutt from sources, linking to the latest libiconv package, and
the problem cited above went away; so it may be that all that is needed is a
simple recompile.  But someone familiar with iconv might be able to tell
more quickly than I could what could be causing the assertion failure listed
above (e.g. is BUGGY_ICONV now set to something different than before?)

cygcheck.out is attached.

..thanks...dave case

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