Strange cygpath/Perl 5.8 interaction?

Christopher Faylor
Wed Sep 3 20:30:00 GMT 2003

On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 03:13:01PM -0500, Garrison, Jim wrote:
>In bash:
>  $ echo "\"`cygpath -w /c/temp`\""
>  "c:\temp"
>But in Perl:
>  $a = `cygpath -w /c/temp`;
>  print "|$a|";
>I.e., Perl sees an extra \n at the end of the string. I looked at
>the source for cygpath and it doesn't seem to be adding a \n, so
>I suspect the problem is an unforeseen interaction between Cygwin
>and Perl's backtick operator.  Can anyone shed light on this topic?

I don't see anything unforeseen about the above behavior.  Substitute
/bin/echo for the cygpath above and you'll see the same behavior on


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