Newby: setting up SSH

Larry Hall
Wed Sep 3 00:44:00 GMT 2003

At 09:04 AM 9/2/2003, Nadia Kunkov you wrote:
>Hi, I'm new to SSH.  I've just installed Cygwin on my Win2000 workstation.
>My goal is to connect to it from Linux box and copy files from Linux to
>Win2000.  I can connect to my windows box from Linux and browse the
>directories.  But I need to set up and automated file transfer and therefore public and private keys.
>I think my set up is not complete/correct.
>When I run ssh localhost on my win2k  I see a message:
>Cannot create directory /cygdrive/h/username: no such file or dir
>Well it's looking at h drive and I need it to look at c drive.  Where do I change that?  Also, the authorized_keys file should reside in my home
>directory, will that be /cygdirve/c/username/.ssh?
>It also says that user name or group hasn't been setup correctly.  What
>should I do to set it all up?
>Thanks in advance.

Change your home directory in /etc/passwd to be '/cygdirve/c/username'.
You're obviously working with a domain user account.  See 'man mkpasswd'
and 'man mkgroup' for information on how to setup up these files for
domain users.  

You can find allot of answers to questions like these by searching the
email archives (from the Cygwin site or via Google).

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