"info" correction for french environment

Sébastien Poirier seibpoirier@free.fr
Tue Sep 2 15:46:00 GMT 2003


I don't think someone posted it yet,
but there is a mistake with the creation of the `dir' file in `/usr/info' 
directory, when you install Cygwin in a french environment.
In fact, the dir file that is automatically generated by update-info-dir.sh, is 
corrupted so that you can't use info normally then : when you type
bash$ info
info can't find the "Top" node

to correct this, 2 possibilities :
 * edit your `/usr/info/dir' file
and replace the line (almost at the top)
File: dir,	Node: Top\tCeci est le haut de l'arborescence INFO
by this one (with a real tabulation and not a \t tab escape character)
File: dir,	Node: Top	Ceci est le haut de l'arborescence INFO 
then you can execute your update-info-dir.sh and everything will be ok
but if you want then to generate a new `dir' file in another info directory 
with install-info.exe, it will be corrupted too... so
 * you can modify the `texinfo.mo' file that contains the template used to 
create the `dir' file
you'll find it in /usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/
edit it, search for tCeci (for example), and such as with the `dir' file, 
replace the `\t' characters by a real tabulation and add a space character 
somewhere (before Ceci or after INFO for example) to compensate the loose of 
one character.
then you can execute update-info-dir.sh if you hadn't chosen the first 

Hope this helps


c'est vrai que j'aurais pu l'ecrire en français etant donne que ca ne semble 
concerner que les francophones...

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