Need help: cron jobs can't access network drives.

Louis-Luc Le Guerrier leguerri@IRO.UMontreal.CA
Tue Sep 2 14:48:00 GMT 2003

I have tried Universal Name Convention path as well, and I still can't
access the network drives, even with UNC paths inside the script ran by
'cron'. The same script invoked  manually accesses net drives of course.

I have looked at "" and understand partially
what they mean to do, but they don't explicitly explain how to perform
the tasks in Windows.

I also noticed the 'id' command on the Cygwin shell gives "Administrator"
as user name when invoked manually. I also included 'id > tstfile' into
a 'cron' job to send the output of 'id' while in a cron, and it also
states "Administrator" is the user. I set up a password to the Windows
Administrator account, and it's the one I log in. cron still fails to
access network drives even though Administrator has a password and
I'm trying it with UNC paths. 

I'm still puzzled, and stuck unable to access network drives.

Anyone can share a clearer procedure of what to do, or an example?

Thanks in advance.


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