Installation problems

Igor Pechtchanski
Tue Sep 2 14:23:00 GMT 2003

On Tue, 2 Sep 2003, Hoyt Bailey wrote:

> RE ls: When it dosent work: No message -nothing at all. Except a line feed.
> ls is involked as follows: ls <enter>

FWICS, "ls" works as designed.  You're in an "empty" directory, so you get
no output.

> ( I expected the system to tell me where I was [anyway a clue]).

That's what "pwd" is for.

> Also dir <enter> (for the same reason).

See above.

> Typing -a ls /bin/ls : results in Error msg command -a not found.

That was "type -a ls; /bin/ls" (literally).  But the above already
answered that -- ls *did* work, evern when you thought it didn't.

> ls -a <enter>:[ . .. .bash.profile .bashrc .inputrc cygcheck.out].

Ok, so it works -- see?  BTW, now that you have "cygcheck.out" in your
home directory, you should see it using plain "ls".

> Any other requests for info will be complied with to the best of my ability.
> Regards;
> Hoyt

So, the "ls" problem is a non-issue, I guess.  The cygcheck output
confirms that you don't have "less" and "more" installed - install these
packages if you want to use those commands.
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