Strange setup problem. Next button disabled.

Steve Fairbairn
Tue Sep 2 08:47:00 GMT 2003

Hi All,

I have a couple of strange setup problems which I cannot find ways around,
so was wondering if anyone might be able to suggest solutions.

The machine in question is a PIII 650MHz running a very new installation of
Win2K Pro.

During the machines installation, cygwin was installed from a local (network
drive) directory as the network Administrator user.  It was incorrectly
installed to the same network drive and subdirectory of the setup files,
using the default setup settings.

This installation was wiped from the network drive in question.  Any mention
of Cygnus was wiped from the registry.  A clean installation of cygwin was

When installing as a machine administrator, but normal network user.  From
local directory (the same network drive), setup does all the md5 checks,
offers me the package list, allows me to change the
Default/Install/Reinstall/... settings, but the 'Next' button is permanently
disabled and I just can't click on it.

So, I tried download & install from the internet.  This allows me to go all
the way through, select the packages I require (set All to install, then set
X11 section back to default), and then I am able to click next.  The
installation starts.  I leave it going overnight/all day/ a few hours, and
when I return to it, it has hung in the post install scripts and if I cancel
installation there, the cygwin.bat file hasn't been created, and nothing
seems quite right.

I've cleaned cygwin off the system again, but really do need an almost full
installation of cygwin on the machine and don't know how to get it.

I have tried the setup.exe on the main page, as well as snapshots 2.402 and
2.407 with no improvement in either case (though the snapshots are faster to
respond and the handling of the post install scripts is much nicer).
The packages I have on the network drive were downloaded from using a slightly
modified version of the wget script mkcygwget (can't remember who created
it) to get a complete set of packages.

Any suggestions gratefully received,


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