Setup.exe seems to hang
Tue Sep 2 07:17:00 GMT 2003

On  2 Sep, Robert Collins wrote:
>  > I'd still be interested to know what setup is doing at that point.  It 
>  > might give us a clue as to why setup's performance varies across such a 
>  > wide range.  (If Cygwin was already installed, could we strace 
>  > setup.exe?) 
>  no - it's not a cygwin app. 

That's what I thought.  Fair enough.
>  > Has some change to setup in a recent snapshot targeted the problem? 
>  Yes, 6 months ago IIRC. 

Hmm.  We're using a nightly mirrored copy, but looking at the file's
properties, I see it dates from April 7th, 2003.  So grabbing the
snapshot might be a good idea!

I'm surprised that the latest version on the mirror site is almost 5
months old.
 setup.exe               07-Apr-2003 23:20   253k  
 setup.exe.old           09-Mar-2003 11:08   180k  
 setup.ini               30-Aug-2003 22:50   213k

When was the last version of setup.exe released?


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