Using ActivePerl 5.8 on a cygwin system

John Seeliger
Mon Sep 1 20:25:00 GMT 2003

I have had cygwin installed on this PC for quite some time, but hadn't
updated it for a while.  I wanted to run and found it wouldn't
work with the perl 5.6.1 I had installed, so I downloaded ActivePerl 5.8.?
and tried running the script from a Windows XP prompt, but it used the
cygwin perl.  So, I just copied the ActivePerl over the cygwin perl (yeah, I
know, not a good idea) and then it still wouldn't work because some of the
lib files used by it weren't there either.  I copied a few of those as well,
but still to no avail.

Have I just hosed my cygwin?  Will downloading the updated perl help?  How
can I download just perl without going through the installer and selecting
"keep" on every single other item?


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