compiler works error in Cygwin

Anders Lindén
Mon Sep 1 07:28:00 GMT 2003

You did not make any efforts making a real diagnosis of the problem, but wants us to do it for you?
Do you think "it didnt work right" is a proper description of your problem?
What is "support programs" supposed to mean?
Did you compile your program for cygwin or did you try to run old MC68EZ328 binaries on the Intel platform?


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Subject: compiler works error in Cygwin

> Hi,
>    I am a hardware engineer. Now my embedded System use the processor MC68EZ328.
>    Before now, my program is compiled in real Linux. All right. The compiler works OK.
>    Now, my program have to be compiled in Windows System. So I installed Cygwin first.
> Then I have my program compiled in Cygwin, but it didn't work right.
>    Does not Cygwin support some program?
> regards
> tufei
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