Where is iostat?

Peter Moulding pmoulding@tedis.com.au
Tue Apr 30 21:17:00 GMT 2002

Hello Larry,
There are a lot of packages to search. I looked in cygwin.com/packages
and searched everyone that looked like a system or utility package plus
a random assortment of other packages.

Because iostat was listed in the source, I assumed it would be compiled
somewhere. I did not find anything saying there are things supplied in
source but not binary. Thank you for telling me that.

I use Cygwin to make NT and Windows 2000 machines similar to Linux and
Unix boxes so people trained on Unix can administer a mixture of servers
without having to learn new skills. It is the equivalent of installing
Samba on a Unix server so the Unix server will fit in to a mixed
environment. I am finding out that some of the Unix commands do
different things on each version of Unix and even when they perform the
same function, they may have different, incompatible options and
completely different display contents. Getting the commands to work on
something as standard as NT should be easier than working with a
'standard' operating system that has 35* different standards.

Hopefully one day the POSIX standard will be improved so a large number
of Unix commands will be included in NT and it's descendents. Hopefully
the standard will specify both the command options and the command
output format so the command will work the same on all versions of Linux
and Unix.

Until perfection happens, I just wrap a PHP script around the Unix
command to produce a standard result that looks the same and works the
same on every OS. If Cygwin does no have iostat but does have something
else displaying the same information, I can run up an iostat command in

Thank you for explaining the difference between the source and the
package contents.


*I did some work for a Unix services company that had 35 different Unix
distributions to support before they started supporting Linux.

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I think David was pointing you to the FAQ so that you would find 
http://cygwin.com/packages/.  This is the way to find out what packages
are in Cygwin.  It's also the way to search the packages for strings of
interest, in this case, iostat.  Is this what you did?  I'm guessing
though I'm a bit surprised that you somehow missed it.  What threw you
Anyway, iostat only shows up in 1 package, cygwin-1.3.10-1-src.  This is

not a tool but rather the source implementation from newlib (i.e. the 
Cygwin C library).  This should tell you that you can stop downloading 
packages and settle with the notion that iostat is not available in the 
current packages.


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At 08:16 PM 4/30/2002, Peter Moulding wrote:
>Hello David,
>Neither page mentions iostat. Lots of programs are bundled in to
>packages where the package description mentions only a few or none of
>the enclosed programs.
>I found iostat listed in a Cygwin Web page a few days ago but did not
>bookmark the page. The page listed a directory structure that did not
>match anything in Cygwin and none of the path components matched
>That leaves me with one entry on the Cygwin site that mentioned an
>iostat.h file but nothing in the download. Through trial and error, I
>currently have 182 Mb of Cygwin installed, over 12,000 files, but still
>no iostat. Surely there must be an easier way. There must be a file
>lists the contents of packages.
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>Subject: Where is iostat?
>On Tuesday 30 Apr 02, Peter Moulding writes:
> > I cannot find iostat and some other commands in Cygwin. How do you
> > out which package contains a command?
>Read the Cygwin FAQ entry "Which packages should I download?".  Or
>find "Package Listing" on the Cygwin home page.
>Not too hard, really.
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