problem with telnet and ftp server on win 2K

David Starks-Browning
Tue Apr 30 04:39:00 GMT 2002

On Tuesday 30 Apr 02, John Vincent writes:
> I've discovered that I cannot successfully telnet into my Win 2K box using 
> the cygwin inetd, there is also a problem with the ftp service. I've 
> installed inetd as per instructions, and installed it as a service.
> When I use telnet to attempt to log in, everything goes OK until the point 
> where a shell should be started, at that point I get a pop-up box appearing 
> on my Win 2K screen with the title "bash.exe - Application Error" and the 
> text "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000022). Click on 
> OK to terminate the application." When I click on OK my telnet session ends 
> with the message "Connection closed by foreign host."

This has been discussed on the mailing list before, search the
archives.  I noticed it with cygwin-1.3.10 on NT4, and found that
enabling ntsec solved the problem for me.  But there are lots of
things to check, like the correctness of your /etc/passwd and
/etc/group files, rights given to the inetd service account,
execute permissions on the applications and cygwin1.dll, ...

It's a mystery, to me, why it fails without ntsec but works with
ntsec, all other things being the same.  But I've stopped worrying
about it, now that I use ntsec.

Good luck.  Report back if you have something new to add.


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