Building ImageMagick on Cygwin

Charles Wilson
Mon Apr 29 20:34:00 GMT 2002

Soren, having followed some of the discussion on the libpng list, I 
understand your frustration.  However, NOBODY ELSE here on the cygwin 
list has any IDEA what you're talking about.

You are ranting in front of the wrong audience -- why take out your 
frustrations with those other people on us?  With this display of bad 
attitude, you use up the goodwill your effort and help in providing and 
porting IM to cygwin gained you.  Not good.

If you want to classify this as a "purile lecture", go ahead -- but 
first, pretend you know nothing about the recent goings on within the IM 
mailing list, png-developers, or freetype, and re-read your message.


> I've got a fixed 
> configure script. I've also got a bellyfull of discussing this with 
> arrogant and recalcitrant individuals on other Lists and so I won't 
> answer any inquiries here concerning this posting. I am posting 
> merely as a public service for those who might stumble on this problem 
> in the future, and to invite those who are not so steeped in some 
> ideological "Gnu can do no wrong" brainwashed state that they might be 
> interested in sharing my work or collaborating, without the purile 
> lectures and misguided, deaf cluelessness, thanks, to contact 
> me.

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