Building ImageMagick on Cygwin
Mon Apr 29 20:32:00 GMT 2002


Heads up. Some persons reading this List might want to know 
this information.

ImageMagick is not yet available as a binary 
Cygwin package. I have no way of knowing what the likelihood is of it 
becoming such a supported Cygwin package at any time in the future. 
Thus for now building ImageMagick from source is the way to get it on 
one's Cygwin system And after all, to me, is an example of one of the fun 
reasons to have Cygwin in the first place.

If one does things in a 
fairly standard plain manner: i.e. you don't have some stuff already 
prepared or adapted but you just go and get the latest I~M~ source 
package and unpack it and try to run `configure', you're going to have 
trouble with a couple of libraries which you might want to build I~M~ 
with: libpng (latest version, all older installations cleanly and 
completely removed please) and Freetype2. The Gnu autotools-
generated configure script isn't going to work on detecting those 
libraries. Don't take my word for it: to the letter of my brief 
description, try it for yourself.

About Freetype2: because it's 
a package (on Cygwin) "owned" by the XFree86-Cygwin folks, it isn't 
installed in the usual place (such as a lib like jpeglib: /usr/include 
for its headers and /lib for the library [and /bin for the dll of 
course]). Because of strategies by the Freetype folk, it isn't 
directly in a X header path either: its in a subdir ("freetype2") of 
XFree86/include. You either need to know this when you run configure, 
or you need to get a fixed configure script.

I've got a fixed 
configure script. I've also got a bellyfull of discussing this with 
arrogant and recalcitrant individuals on other Lists and so I won't 
answer any inquiries here concerning this posting. I am posting 
merely as a public service for those who might stumble on this problem 
in the future, and to invite those who are not so steeped in some 
ideological "Gnu can do no wrong" brainwashed state that they might be 
interested in sharing my work or collaborating, without the purile 
lectures and misguided, deaf cluelessness, thanks, to contact 

  Soren Andersen

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