Debugging ported applications that get a segmentation fault

warren montgomery
Mon Apr 29 07:39:00 GMT 2002

I am trying to port a unix application that runs fine on linux (and many
other unix variants), but under cygwin dies quickly and gives the message
"segmentation fault, core dumped".  When I run it under gdb, the application
doesn't crash immediately, but runs for some time before either 1) gdb says
the program stopped running, or 2) gdb says it got a segmentation fault.  In
either case I can get gdb to reveal no information about what the thing was
doing when it crashed.
(In fact sometimes when this happens the gdb window just locks up.

How can I figure out what's going on?  Is there anyway to get a stack
backtrace for something that's crashes, like I was used to on most Unix
variants?  Yes I know I can stick in print statements and create some kind
of log, but this application is a large X windows program and doing this is
tedious and very likely to effect the behavior of the program in other ways.

Warren Montgomery  ( )

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