Fox Gui + OpenGL

Piyush Kumar
Mon Apr 29 06:08:00 GMT 2002

Has Anyone used Fox Gui ( + OpenGL here.
The compilation doesnt give any problems but when I run OpenGL test
programs , it exits without saying anything. I asked in the FOX-users
group and havent got any results yet, Anyone here who has ever installed
Fox on his cygwin box? Can you use OpenGL from fox? If yes, could you please
let me know how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance for your help,


The idea of porting from Windows to Linux/UNIX using cygwin sounds like an
interesting idea for sure.  I doubt you really want WINE since it is an
emulator and I would definitely stay away from those.  Stick with natively
compiled source on all platforms.

Our applications work on 7 platforms not including separate ports for
different compilers and different OS revisions (say like HP 10.20 and 11.0
and 11.11), and we compile natively on all platforms and use an X-emulation
layer on windows which we are migrating away from.

In general, Linux issues we have seen have been with the compiler, gcc, it
doesn't handle templates very well.  I have not tried cygwin-gcc and
templates but would guess it should have the same problem since it is based
from the GNU source.  Work has been done to fix the problems but I think we
are still working around some.

Other than templates, if you change all win32 calls to POSIX calls you
should be good to go.  Including thread calls.  Does cygwin support pthreads
on windows?  That would be very cool, for porting purposes.

One last issue, GUI's, if you have one that is.  We are currently migrating
our Windows port from an X-emulation toolkit to an open-source GUI toolkit
that we have working on all our platforms.  It is Win32 on Windows and X
(not motif) on Linux.  Checkout the FOX gui toolkit at:
It has its roots at sourforge as well:

Good Luck,

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