setup Bug (?) in downloading from internet

Charles Wilson
Sun Apr 28 15:30:00 GMT 2002

<begin rant>
Robert, you are a saint.

I am sick and tired of the whining about setup and downloads.


In order to make this clear, I am in favor of completely removing the 
download-only option, leaving just install-from-internet and 
install-from-localdir.  This will force the whiners to either shut up 
and use a fscking mirroring tool, or help out:

Robert has already said what the correct solution to all this is: create 
a separate program that leverages the setup.exe codebase, to do 
"multi-source merged mirroring".

This will require:

1) Add command-line options for setup.exe.  Robert has added a helpful 
set of examples.  He even created a whole new project, GetOpt++, to 
support this.  What more can Robert, all by himself, do?

2) Create a new as part of the setup module, that uses some 
(but not all) of the other classes in the setup module.  According to 

 > The differences between setup and a mirroring tool include:
 > * All the install code isn't needed.
 > * Attention to local packages isn't needed.
 > * Persistent selection of packages irrespective of install status
 >   should be present.
 > * command line driven may be useful?

I'll add one more: reading options (or package lists) from a file.

Now, unless somebody who WANTS this functionality actually steps up to 
the plate and digs in, can we PLEASE stop discussing this issue?

Removing the download-only option will also have the salutory effect of 
forcing the whiners to either:

1) use a REAL mirroring tool, then use setup.exe to
   1a) heck, you could even use wget; I've posted a script
       to this mailing list that does exactly that.
2) help out with the coding.

Either way, it kills "setup download only mode doesn't do what I want" 
"What's up with the wacky %%%'ified directory names in my local setup 
directory" "Setup sucks" threads that NEVER DIE!.


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