setup Bug (?) in downloading from internet

Robert Collins
Sun Apr 28 08:14:00 GMT 2002

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> > So use a mirroring tool! Setup.exe is -not- designed for this.
> Surely if setup.exe isn't designed with at least a nod to 
> this way of working why does it have "download from Internet" 
> and "install from local directory" options, instead of just 
> instisting on connecting to a server every time?

It's designed to allow an off-line mode, as opposed to having spare
copies of potentially desired pacakges around. The redownloading
behaviour is a result of a kludge to allow deliberate redownloading of
packages in 'download only' mode. If we remove that, then packages won't
get downloaded again and again and again - but setup will be no more
suited to being a mirroring tool. The cache directory is shareable with
multiple cygwin installs (say over a SMB share). So yes, there is a nod
towards what you do, but that's abou tit.
> > If you
> > want a setup.ini parsing mirroring tool, take me up on my offer to 
> > help someone leverage the setup.ini codebase to build a mirroring 
> > tool.
> Although I've not looked at it, setup.exe must already have 
> most of the code required to operate in the way we'd like, surely?

It has a significant amount of code, that is getting more flexible and
paramterised all the time. If you look at you can access the setup.exe
developers page. It's a but rough at the moment, but it does have the
CVS location amongst other things.
> If you tell me the module name(s) for setup.exe and any 
> documentation about setup.ini and the local and FTP/HTTP 
> server directory structures I'd certainly be interested to 
> download them from the CVS server and take a look.

Setup.ini is documented at There is no
ftp/http data structure - setup.ini determines everything. Setup's
multiple setup.ini capability allows for advanced merging and
per-organisation tweaking.

The differences between setup and a mirroring tool include:
* All the install code isn't needed.
* Attention to local packages isn't needed.
* Persistent selection of packages irrespective of install status should
be present.
* command line driven may be useful? 

Anyway, there's some notes, have a look, and we can talk further.


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