How can I get all permissions when I login to cygwin

Sat Apr 27 14:13:00 GMT 2002

First, thank you for your reply.

I using cygwin.bat file to login to the cygwin, the contents of the file 
are in below:

	@echo off

	chdir f:\cygwin\bin

	bash --login -i

When I entered into the system, the shell prompt displayed as 
"Administrator@HOSTNAME...", then I tried to change the file's 
permissions, but I could not do it(I could only control the -w 
permission of the file and only of my own account, but the file owner is 
me!). Then I rewrite "bash --login -i" to "bash", so I could enter the 
system first(displayed "bash-2.05a$...) ,and then used the user account 
in my win2000 system to login to the system, but the shell said "login 
incorrectly". Now I want to know how can I use the 2nd method mentioned 
above to login to the system and get all permissions.

Thank you!

I am a chinese boy, so my english is poor, if words above puzzled you, I 
am sorry.

In article <>, 
> At 11:31 PM 4/25/2002, terrificskyfox wrote:
> >When I login to cygwin using administrator, I found that I did not have 
> >all permissions. How can I get them.
> Close your eyes and turn around three times while saying "I need all 
> permissions, I need all permissions..." ;-)
> Seriously, you need to be more specific about what you're doing and 
> the issues you see before someone can attempt to offer you advice.
> >Is there some parameters should I use when I login to cygwin?
> I don't know.  What are you using to "login"?
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