16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem -- The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction

Vsevolod Buzinov vsv@inweb.ru
Sat Apr 27 07:23:00 GMT 2002


> > Hello everybody.
> >
> > I has encountered an NTVDM CPU error while trying to make a cygwin
> > linux crossgcc compiler.
> > I wonder if it is a known issue and is there any way to deal with this?
> Yes, you get such an error when you try to start a cygwin program with a
> symlink to this program under Win2k cmd.exe (no cygwin aware shell). Eg.
> tar is a link to gtar.exe, or zcat to gzip.exe.
> Solution: remove the link, copy the program.

I have figured out that alike error message pops up when I try to execute a
but I am not sure if it is the only situation which causes such an error.
Anyway, I have made a script which replaces a simlink with the copy of the
file it
refers to, and converted all symlinks in /bin directory.  GCC build
directory, however,
doesn't contain any symlinks -- executables only.
So I still get that error message.
Anyway, I tried `make install' and it succeded and I can compile C programs,
stlibc++ haven't compiled.
Any suggestions, or should I simply compile an alternative STL, STLPort, for

Yours sincerely,

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