Control-O not working in Pico When telneting

Jeff Rozycki
Fri Apr 26 09:18:00 GMT 2002

When I telnet to a remote host (Cygwin/bash) and run Pico, Control-O (save
contents but don't exit Pico) does not work.  I am forced to do Control-X
(Save and Exit Pico). This is cumbersome when editing webpages that I want
to see the mods incrementally. But when I use a different program
(TeraTermPro) to telnet and edit these pages with Pico, both Control-X and
Control-O work.  I've typed "env" to compare environments between the two
telnet sessions but I don't see anything different. Any idea what I need
to fix to get it to work using Cygwin?

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