Question about DOS text file
Thu Apr 25 18:18:00 GMT 2002

The GCC version 2.95.3-5 come with cygwin version 1.3.10 as a package can
compile C source file with DOS end-of-line character.  However, the GCC
built by myself can not compile DOS C file correctly.
Here is the C source file:
1   #define ABC                1,\
2                              2,\
3                              3
5   void main()
6   {
7   }
If this C program is saved as a DOS text file, my GCC will complain
about line 2.  If this C program is saved as a UNIX text file, compile
is OK.
It seems like my GCC compiler can not detect DOS end-of-line (CR/LF)
because to the parser, "1,\LF" is different from "1,\CRLF".
Is there any flag to set while building the GCC or any GCC options can
handle the DOS text file format?


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