Sander Timmermans
Thu Apr 25 12:43:00 GMT 2002

Perhaps a bit offtopic question, but I will asked it anyway,
being as evil as I am };-]  muhahah oh uh.. ok.

The .dll is now built according to this design:

dll:  $(DLL_NAME)
	(echo EXPORTS; nm $(LIBIDL) | grep " T _" | sed 's/.* T _//g') > idl.def
	dlltool --def idl.def --dllname $(IDL_EXPORT_DIR)/idl32.dll --output-lib
	gcc -shared -Wl,--out-implib=$(DLL_EXP_LIB) -o $(DLL_NAME) $(OBJECTS)

Ok hear me now.
I try to access this program in IDL. It does not crash. This is good.
But I get nice errormsgs from IDL stating: Error access is denied.
In the back of my skull I can hear a very faint sound, the voices
tell me that it has something to do with memory access priviliges on
windows2000. Are they right ?


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> Oh geez. One of these days I'll follow thru on my promise to revamp the
> "how to build a dll" docu on cygwin's website.  For now:
> the information you are using is hopelessly out of date.  Go here:
> and download the dllhelpers package.  It provides 7 or 8 examples of
> building DLLs using *current* tools, in C, C++, and Fortran.
> --Chuck

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