Login as a different user?

Gilgamesh Nootebos Gilgamesh.Nootebos@elegant.nl
Thu Apr 25 00:22:00 GMT 2002


Daniel Adams wrote:
> Is there a way to login as a different user (under cygwin for a shell) for a
> win2k machine running the latest everything for cygwin? I am curious of this
> for multiple reasons.

I stumbled on this question too and foud out that using 'ssh -l <user> 
localhost' in combination with keychain works just fine. I learned most 
of what I needed to know from the ssh docs and here - 

> I hope someone is able to help me with this predicament.

Gilgamesh Nootebos (Elegant Relational Development)
@: Gilgamesh.Nootebos@elegant.nl
T: +31 36 54 77 100

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