Getting Cygwin into a corporation..

Robert Collins
Wed Apr 24 17:35:00 GMT 2002

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> Subject: Getting Cygwin into a corporation..
> In the company I work for they have outlawed all Unix
> variants (Linux, Solaris, OSX) from certain networks. I
> asked why Cygwin could not be installed and here is
> some of the response I got back:
> > Cygwin, in itself, is typically a harmless application.
> > However, once installed, it does allow a user to invalidate 
> > the NT Security architecture; a user can then install cygwin 
> > ports without the NT administrators consent (including, of 
> > course, the cygwin DHCP port).
> How should I respond to this?

Cygwin does not make installing applications easier or harder. It adds
no executable types, and no alterations are made to system security.

Long and short: if you can install DHCP with cygwin on those machines,
you can install DHCP WITHOUT cygwin.


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