Keith Seitz
Wed Apr 24 14:20:00 GMT 2002

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, yanniv wrote:

> hello
> i have a question
> when i try to open the gdb its opened
> but when i try to open a file.c (or c++) it doesnt open (see this attachment).
> what can i do and maybe i can download this tool alone and if this case please tell me where can i find this program for sownloading.

The message you are seeing occurred because you asked Insight (the gui for
gdb) to "source" the gdb command file osl_a.c. I don't think that this is
what you really want...

If you are trying to view a source file in your executable, use the
combobox on the source window to find it. Once selected, the source window
will display that file. This assumes, of course, that you've loaded an
executable (built with debug info) into gdb...


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