hmmm possible gpl problem?

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Wed Apr 24 08:17:00 GMT 2002

At 01:05 AM 4/24/2002, Gareth Pearce wrote:

>>In the case of the vcdimager issue recently discussed on this list, I
>>was downloading it *because I wanted to used it*, and when I installed
>>it, it didn't work: cygwin DLL conflicts.  This clued me that the
>>program (a) used cygwin [Cool!!] and (b) distributed cygwin1.dll
>>[conflicted with my "real" cygwin installation; not cool.]  I was
>maybe this is what caused the program to crash when i ran it, but i suspect not, since its linked against cygwin.dll - not cygwin1.dll, which i wouldnt expect to conflict with my cygwin1.dll (Although maybe i am just plain wrong:P).  

It's the latter. ;-)  It doesn't matter what the name of the DLL is.  
Special steps need to be taken to avoid the internals of 2 Cygwin DLLs from
conflicting with each other.  While this may have been done in this case, 
it's some effort so it's unlikely.

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