which libary should use in order to use opendir() ...

Tue Apr 23 15:55:00 GMT 2002

Dear Sir/Maddam,

I am compiling some codes under cygwin. the code have the <dirent.h>
included. but I got the err message like,

saveloadwindow.o(.text+0x808):saveloadwindow.cc: undefined reference to
`opendir(char const *)'
saveloadwindow.o(.text+0x89b):saveloadwindow.cc: undefined reference to
`opendir(char const *)'
saveloadwindow.o(.text+0x8ba):saveloadwindow.cc: undefined reference to
`closedir(__DIR *)'
saveloadwindow.o(.text+0x8d0):saveloadwindow.cc: undefined reference to
`readdir(__DIR *)'

could please let me know where is wrong or which lib I am missing to cause
the problem?

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


PS: I tried to link the libcygwin, libc, ... but still didnot work.

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