hmmm possible gpl problem?

Adrian Prantl
Tue Apr 23 10:45:00 GMT 2002

Gareth Pearce wrote:

> okay  - i dont claim to know anything much about gpl ...
> but -
> (which is the only place I found it in a quick google search)
> distributes a gpl program linked against cygwin.dll (note not cygwin1.dll)
> without cygwin source.
> Going on past emails, this looks faulty, but thought i would post it here
> for
> someone with more experience in such matters to comment.
> Regards,
> Gareth Pearce

I really don't think that it would be appropriate to start a fox hunt
everyone that could be violating the gpl in this or the other minor way.
As long as the reason is not a commercial exploit, I believe that too
cautions would result in a harm to the free software community. I
believe that
a too strict prosecution of the rules would not encourage people to
there works to the public.

btw I think the GPL only states that the sources should be made
available if
someone asks for them, so it would be ok to distribute the program in
form and send the source per email if requested. (please correct me if I


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