The Cygwin Server Daemon

Richard Troy
Mon Apr 22 18:49:00 GMT 2002

Hi All,

I've finally had a chance to play some. So, there's nothing like trying
something! In answer to some of my own questions:

> + Why doesn't the cygserver run, itself, as a server under NT much as sshd 
> does?

You can do that. 

> + Regarding starting the server with cygrunsrv:
>   - If the server is started with cygrunsrv, are we supposed to "install" 
>     cygserver itself?

Yes, exactly.

>   - What is the intent of the ability to install, remove, start and stop
>     services? Are these "services" supposed to be the "objects" we read
>     about in the archives?

No, they're not the objects referred to. Rather, cygrunsrv lets you define
your own NT(+) services. That you might setup cygserver to run as a 
service is a separate question.

...OK... So this gets me further along. I guess I was confused by 
cygrunsrv being involved with cygserver. -shrug- 


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