Bug in setup.exe

Michael A Chase mchase@ix.netcom.com
Mon Apr 22 09:28:00 GMT 2002

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002 13:55:41 +0100 Cliff Hones <cliff@aonix.co.uk> wrote:

> Robert Collins wrote:
> > So you are suggesting that in download mode it should not offer to
> > upgrade any installed packages by default? Or that it should only offer
> > upgrades for installed packages without cached files?
> The latter (approx) .  I view it as offering downloads - not upgrades -
> in download mode. (See below)
> > I'll happily accept a (reasonable) patch for the second case, but the
> > first case also seems counter-intuitive to me.
> > ...
> > I'd like to remove the re-download facility completely. If a package
> > file is corrupt, delete the local copy and then run setup. This makes
> > setup simpler, for little cost. Setup won't keep partial files anyway,
> > so the only form of corruption has to be network transit problems, and
> > GPG signing would solve that too, and allow setup to detect and remove
> > corrupt packages automatically.
> Ok - I'm prepared to be shot down in flames :-).  Here's what I'd
> like to see setup do - and I hope this is intuitive and reasonably
> compatible with current behaviour.  Apologies for the length...
> First, "Download from Internet".
> Assuming there's already a cygwin installation present, setup should
> examine all packages installed and compare their versions with the
> latest setup.ini files from the mirrors (downloading these first if
> necessary).  Any installed packages with higher current versions
> available should be set to be upgraded by default.  Dependencies
> must be checked, and any other necessary packages should be
> upgraded as necessary.  Other packages should be placed in the 'keep'
> state.

"Download from Internet" shouldn't care in the least whether there is a
Cygwin installation present or not.  It should only care about the files in
the local directory tree. 

Currently, if you install a file, it will then realize that version is
present and not default to downloading it again.  If you don't install, the
chooser doesn't know about the version you downloaded so it will keep
downloading it until it is installed.

> Also, a "purge local directory" option would be wonderful.

We are working on the infrastructure needed for it.

Mac :})
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