I am not going to let cygwin BSOD my Windows 2000 Server

Christopher Faylor cgf@redhat.com
Sun Apr 21 11:32:00 GMT 2002

On Sun, Apr 21, 2002 at 01:48:12PM +0100, Cliff Hones wrote:
>>It wasn't setup that BSOD'd the op sys it was rebooting after the
>>setup.  Jeeze! And please if you want to give me the old "screw you"
>>that doesn't help any.  You may think my op sys is hanging on by it's
>>IDE cable and if so that's your call.  I cannot believe you suggested
>>installing a Norton product.  OMYGOD! Next thing you'll be praising the
>>likes of WinOnCD for Windows 2000 or a McAfee product.
>What the blazes are you talking about?
>My suggestion was that Norton or McAfee (and the likes) may be the
>cause of your (or others') problems.  They have certainly been known to
>cause BSODs when they are active during installs of Cygwin and of other

I think the confused Mr.  Hester was responding to my email, actually.
I expected that all of my suggestions would receive this type of
inattentive-yet-hostile response.  Looks like you got the response
intended for me.

Judging by his inability to figure out what email to respond to, his
inability to actually articulate what his problem is, and his sarcastic
response to people who are actually trying to help, I'd suggest that he
merits no more attention here.

I appreciate your (Cliff) letting people know about your experiences
with Norton on XP.  I haven't had similar experiences with Norton lately
but I have annoying things happen with Norton's CrashGuard on 9x.  For
that reason, I usually choose not to install any of the "watch my system
for me" type of utilities.  I just run a periodic scan on things like
the hardware, registry, etc.  and it does seem to work well for tracking
down things like that.

Maybe there are better utilities than Norton for doing this type of
thing, but Norton has met my needs for a couple of years.

I've even used Norton to help track down some strange hanging problems
that my 98 system was experiencing.  I wish, when I had the problem, it
had occurred to me to send email to the manufacturer of every piece of
software that I had running on the system, since it was obviously
*their* problem, not mine.  It would have been a unique experience to
receive a clueless "bug report" from myself, since one of the things on
the system is, of course, cygwin.

At least the last message didn't mention toes...


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