I am not going to let Cygwin BSOD my Windows 2000 Server

George Hester hesterloli@hotmail.com
Sat Apr 20 00:02:00 GMT 2002

I realize that at one time setup.exe might not have been all that it was
thought to be.  And that now it may be better.  But once burned many people
do not jump back in the flames.  Well I decided I would stick my little toe
in again and see the results.  I really thought there would be manual
install literature because of the way setup.exe let me download these files.
I had to un bzip2 them; ungz them; untar them and they are now sitting here
ready to be installed.  So I went looking for that Manual install.

Yeah right.  So I wrote here.  A few people have written to me telling me
that I am too dense to do it this way.  No I like to keep my little toes.  I
only have a few you know.

This software I was going to use to help build a Mozilla browser.  If I can
find some other way of making one that I'll do.  But I was hoping literature
of a Manual Install was available.  It seems it isn't.

Suggestion.  Let's consider a Manual Install Direction for us weenies that
lost a few toes trying to install this software in the past.


George Hester

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