Double back slash. Was: Re: Why did you guys break EVERYTHING...

Charles Wilson
Fri Apr 19 20:50:00 GMT 2002

Milton -
   d:/foo works now (in cygwin progs like bash)  It even works in 
windows file dialogs -- but not in cmd.exe or, contrary to 
my post a few minutes ago.  I got confused.


Milton Calnek wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone else thinks d:\\foo is too complicated...
> or rather that it could be simplifed to d:/foo.  Or if you made the
> shell read :\ as :\ then we would have a more uniform interface...
> Hmmm... I'm sure that this issue is more complicated than I understand
> at this point.
> I'm just remembering how much I appreciated it when samba made their
> commands parse //host/share as well as \\\\host\\share.
> In message <>, "Robert Collins" writes:
>>As for the tools, by and large they all support d:\foo syntax as well -
>>but remember, if you run them within bash, the \ becomes an escape
>>character, so you need d:\\foo for the tool to see the backslash.
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> Milton Calnek
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