Why did you guys break EVERYTHING...

Robert Collins robert.collins@itdomain.com.au
Fri Apr 19 20:02:00 GMT 2002

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> OK.  Feeling better now... If one of my customers wrote me 
> that with no examples, I'd get a kick out of it too. So... 
> rsh must have changed.  I use it in a script to move perforce 
> clients around from NT to UNIX. The attached script, 
> getfull.pl is the example that failed with the new program 
> and worked with the old.
> Also, the semantics and output of "which", "ls", and "cp" 
> have changed too in my opinion, not the least of which is the 
> fau root directory and all the cygnus stuff being in 
> "/usr/local/bin" which is not a real directory on my machine. 

The cygnus stuff goes into c:\cygwin\bin aka /usr/bin, not
/usr/local/bin. Are you sure you installed Cygwin via setup.exe, not
from some other site?

As for the tools, by and large they all support d:\foo syntax as well -
but remember, if you run them within bash, the \ becomes an escape
character, so you need d:\\foo for the tool to see the backslash.


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