Where is the manual to manually install Cygwin in Windiows 2000

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) lhall@rfk.com
Fri Apr 19 12:33:00 GMT 2002

At 02:12 PM 4/19/2002, Michael A Chase wrote:
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> > > > Really, there's really no *magic* to setup though...
> > >
> > >There are some mount points that _must_ be created for Cygwin to work
> > >reliable 
> > 
> > 
> > I quite disagree with this point.  If it were true, it would be
> > impossible 
> > to move a Cygwin executable and the DLL to a machine without a Cygwin 
> > install and have it work.  This does work in the general case, though 
> > there are specific packages for which it won't without additional 
> > configuration (like the mount points you mentioned, mount type,
> > environment
> > variable settings, etc).  But those are limited exceptions to the rule.
>Those limited exceptions generate a lot of "Cygwin is broke" messages like when
>a version of setup failed to create the /usr/bin and /usr/lib mounts a
>couple months ago.

Exactly.  Which is why manual installation processes are a "use at your own
risk" approach.  My point is, if you're so inclined, you *can* install 
Cygwin and any of it's packages manually, without setup.  Again, the only
reason I mention this is because there have been indications from folks on 
this list that there is something which setup does that can't be reproduced
by any other mechanism.  This is just plain false.  However, I am in no 
way encouraging people to use or generate an installation method other than
setup.  Certainly, if one does so, this list cannot entertain questions 
about installation problems based on such a procedure.  I hope this message
and my previous response to this thread clarifies the installation issue for
those of all interests.  I guess we'll see if that is indeed the case. ;-)

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