[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Package: Pine]

Eduardo Chappa chappa@math.washington.edu
Fri Apr 19 09:01:00 GMT 2002

*** chris.polley@ieee.com wrote on Apr 18, 2002:

:) >*** How to run Pine under Cygwin ****
:) >
:) > - If you plan to use filters in Pine (display and send filters) or
:) > the pipe command, you need to execute the following command:
:) >
:) >   ln -s /bin/bash.exe /bin/csh.exe
:) Would this still be applicable if the tcsh package is installed?  Is there a
:) [simple|quick] explaination for this requirement?

Hello Chris,

  This is what happens. Pine needs to know your shell when it executes
shell commands, for this, it tests to see if the SHELL variable is set. I
am running the bash shell, and somehow, even though the SHELL variable is
set, Pine does not pick it up.

  When Pine does not know which shell you are using from the SHELL
variable, then pine assumes that you are using csh, hence you need to fake
a csh shell, and that's the reason for that command.

  I haven't tested if this trick works (or does not) under tcsh. I would
appreciate if you let me know what you find in this respect.



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