Looking for mknod implementation

Edward Ross aguayespuma@cox.net
Fri Apr 19 08:34:00 GMT 2002


Just installed cygwin today (cygwin-1.3.10-1).  I'm trying to create some
named pipes like so:

mknod myfile p

However, I get a "Function not implemented" message and no pipe.

Having looked through this list, I found a message from Robert Collins dated
Nov 9 2001 http://sources.redhat.com/ml/cygwin/2001-11.t/msg00517.html
stating that a patch containing a mknod implementation exists in the
cygwin-patches list.  I've searched through that list, but so far I've been
unable to find the aforementioned patch.  Does anybody have any idea where
exactly it might be found?


Edward Ross

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