Where is the manual to manually install Cygwin in Windiows 2000

Michael A Chase mchase@ix.netcom.com
Thu Apr 18 18:47:00 GMT 2002

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Subject: Re: Where is the manual to manually install Cygwin in Windiows 2000

> At 10:25 AM 4/18/2002, George Hester wrote:
> >The last time I tried the installer I did not like the result.  So now I
> >have downloaded all the packages I need evne the docs.  But I see nothing
> >about how to install this manually; what environment variables I should
> >Nothing at all.  All I see is telling me to use the installer.  If I do
> >want to do this does that mean I cannot install Cygwin in Windows 2000?
> >Thanks.

What didn't you like?  It may have been fixed or you might not understand
the implications of some of your choices.

> OK.  I guess you just somehow missed this:
> http://www.cygwin.com/download.html
> That explains your options.  Installing by a method other that setup is
> not really supported by this list however.  BTW, there are no *required*
> settings beyond unpacking the software.  But if you want any of the
> additions that setup gives you, that's another argument for just using
> setup.  Of course, the source for setup is available if you'd just prefer
> to look at it to find out what it does.  But you're right.  There is no
> documentation that guides you through a manual install of Cygwin.  It's
> assumed that if you don't use setup, you understand enough about what
> you're doing to just do it.  Either that or you're the adventurous type.
> Really, there's really no *magic* to setup though...

There are some mount points that _must_ be created for Cygwin to work
reliable and many packages have postinstall scripts that should be run.
Setup.exe will take care of them for you.  Without it you are on your own.

I'm only mentioning these as a caution against what you seem to insist on
doing.  Don't expect any support if you go against all advice.
Mac :})
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