Note on cygwin

Ralf Habacker
Thu Apr 18 13:59:00 GMT 2002

Paul Leddy [paul dot] send this to the kde-cygwin list
regarding cygwin and I thought, that this
seems to be good for the cygwin list. :-)

I setup Cygwin last night. Why not just get a Linux box? Well, everybody can't
just get a Linux box: maybe they need the tools at a MS-based corporate job,
maybe there is a lack of cash, maybe a lack of know-how. So making these
incredibly useful tools available to them instantly is wonderful, I think. And
it is all free!
So what is the reason here? Compassion, giving, sharing.

What does that say to the commercial outlets and the consumers? Consumers ask
what they should really pay for. Outlets ask what is necessary to create. It
sends a message to those who are thinking of going into business building the
same tools for Windows that already exist on Unix-type systems. That message?
Already done; expand and add elsewhere. Or you have competition, so do a better
job somehow. Of course, it will take time for this message to be heard and for
it to be effective, but it is getting louder everyday.

So what is the reason here? A bit of revenge and some social efficiency.

By porting KDE, not only KDE, but hundreds of useful tools will be instantly
available. And not just the command-line ones. What kind of impression does
using KDE GUI apps make on a newbie? There is an alternative!

Think of the impression made on the new and navie this when they hear: "You can
get that C++ compiler you need for your college course setup at home [on a
existing Windows box] for free. Thanks to? Gnu. Heard of them?"

What kind of moral message does that send? Do you think some who hear this
message may look at the world as a little rosier that day than the day before? I

Reason: spread the love.

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