Setup's download directory structure - was Re: An deeper and not before asked question about setup.exe

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Wed Apr 17 07:12:00 GMT 2002

At 05:06 PM 4/16/2002, Max Bowsher wrote:

> > Please don't take this the wrong way but why do you care?
>No, that's ok. Here is why:
>I need to maintain my local package directory to remove old versions. Having the
>packages scattered between mirror directories is unhelpful. Therefore, I use a
>modified version of the that was posted here a while ago. I do
>not understand, and could not find in the archives, a reason for using these
>directories at all. If there is a reason, then sorry for the list noise, if not,
>I would suggest the folder layout be reconsidered.

OK, I understand why you're asking what you're asking.  Here are the
salient points that help answer your question (from memory based on previous
list discussions on this subject):

   1. The current structure supports multiple site downloads with 1 invocation
      of setup.  This helps mitigate mirror site latency problems when updated
      or new packages are released.

   2. The actual naming of the new download directory is standard's based, 
      though I don't remember the specifics here.  It's not clear that you
      have any objection to this naming but I thought I'd mention it since
      it seems pertinent.

   3. The form of setup's download directory is not and won't remain static.
      It will change as setup's needs change.  If you plan to try to maintain
      the download directory with some external script of your own choosing,
      you will need to maintain that script through these changes.   

In summary, there are no plans to make the download directory a static form.
And although there has been some discussion about collapsing the multiple
directories into one, there's no guarantee that this structure will match 
that which you are used to, even if it does happen.  


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