setup.exe does not always install cygwin1.dll?

Jeroen W. Pluimers (All I'M)
Wed Apr 17 06:43:00 GMT 2002

W2K SP2 with the following drive allocation:
C: W2K boot manager
E: system drive
I: Internet mirror drive

What I did is the following on the I: drive

wget -m -np
wget -m -np
wget -m -np
wget -m -np
wget -m -np
wget -m -np

Then on the command-line, I did a CD to
I:\\mirrors\\cygwin and ran setup.exe from
that directory.
In setup, I chose an install from a local drive, and maintained the
'default' options.

Setup then installs into E:\cygwin, but does not install cygwin1.dll into
Because it doesn't, some of the 'final' tasks of the setup cannot be

Since setup.exe does not warn that it cannot install cygwin1.dll, I wonder
what goes wrong?

Am I doing something wrong? If yes: what?
Is the setup doing something wrong? If yes: how can I assist into getting it


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