bash 2.05a-3: option to allow drive letter prefixes for completion?

Chris Metcalf
Tue Apr 16 11:06:00 GMT 2002

I wrote:
> Currently, if you use completion on a path with a drive letter (e.g.
> "ls -d c:/win<TAB>"), bash considers the drive letter to be unrelated
> syntax and expands out of the mounted root instead (e.g. c:/cygwin).

Larry Hall replied:
> I don't see this behavior.  It works fine for me (tm).

Perhaps you installed cygwin to c:/ instead of c:/cygwin?  That would
explain why it looks the same.  If you have some other drive mounted
(e.g. d:), I'd be curious to see whether file completion out of a path
under d: works for you too.  (Same goes for Rick Rankin; and I also
have show-all-if-ambiguous set in my .inputrc, so that's not it.)

In general, if one expands c:/foo in a Unix bash, it will also ignore the
c: and expand /foo, so my request really is for a Windows-specific bash
parsing feature; it's not something I'd expect to Just Work.

> Perhaps you're 
> getting caught by bash's default case-sensitivity of filename completion?  

No, thanks, I do have my .inputrc set up correctly, and I see 
appropriate case-insensitive completion with POSIX paths.

Justin MacCarthy asked why I don't just mount c: as /c.  In fact, I do,
but I think of my native Windows paths as being in C:, so it requires
some gear-changing as I switch to bash.  Allowing Windows paths as an
option seems more user-friendly in this case.


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