load user preferences ?

Marc Chantreux chantreux.marc@wanadoo.fr
Mon Apr 15 11:20:00 GMT 2002

>>the only problem noticed is that the $HOME is not set ... if you see my lines, you
>>you can see that it's done.
>I can see what's done?  That HOME is set?  You mean to 
>"/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/mc/_unix"?  I believe you're asking for
>a leap of faith on my part that isn't warranted based on the data you've
yes ... sorry ... i've forgot to say that i've done a 'cd' before.

>To be honest, I'm still not real sure what your specific problem is.
>I'm guessing that you want to know why .bashrc isn't sourced.  Am I right?

>That depends on how you invoke the shell.
you're right : i've found the answer in the bash man : i've just moved 
my .bashrc to .profile and it works
fine now !

>  Adding it to one of the script
>files that get automatically sourced with "bash -l" (which is what is invoked
>by cygwin.bat) will solve that problem.  There's discussions in the email
>archives about this.  In particular, there were discussions about the fact
>that /etc/profile doesn't source this file by default anymore and what the 
>alternatives are.  You may want to review that discussion or even just look
>at the bash man page and/or user guide to see what files are sourced when and
>why.  There are good recommendations in those documents that will resolve 
>your issue for you.
i've found the disscusions in the archive (using better keywords)

>>BTW , i've seen that the /etc/passwd uses /home/$USER as $HOME. I've just tried :
>>%HOME% = c:\_home\%USERNAME%
>>mount "c:\_home" /home
>>failed too :(
>Sorry.  I don't follow your logic here.  I can't see how noticing that 
>/etc/passwd uses /home/$USERNAME would suggest that you need to set your
>HOME variable to c:\_home\<anything>.
/_home to have no more space in the PATH. mount c:\_home /home to make 
this corresponding to

>  You're free to do so but why you 
>would want to or need to is beyond me.  Ditto the mount.
just a try ...

thanks a lot, hacker.


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