Control-O hangs rxvt

Christopher Glaeser
Mon Apr 15 10:25:00 GMT 2002

> > Control-O in emacs via a telnet session hangs rxvt.  Is there a way to
> > Control-O so that it can be used in emacs to insert a new line?  If not,
> > there a way to un-hang rxvt after using Contorl-O?
> I don't have any problem using C-o in emacs in rxvt.  You'll have to
> solve the problem yourself or provide a lot more detail than what you
> supplied here.

Thanks for responding.  I assumed this was a common problem because I got
quite a few hits on google regarding ^o and rxvt.  Unfortunately, I haven't
found any solutions posted.  In addition, since my posting to this
newsgroup, rxvt users with the same problem have been contacting me
privately asking me if I found a solution yet.  Perhaps a few more details
will help isolate the problem.

Regarding your use of C-o, emacs, and rxvt, did you also include a telnet
session?  Here is the sequence we are using to cause the problem.

- Starting from Win XP
- cygwin
- rxvt
- unset DISPLAY
- telnet linux-system
- emacs foo
- C-o

The rxvt session is now hung, and I don't know how to un-hang it except to
kill the rxvt session.  Thanks in advance for a solution.

- Christopher

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